by Bethany

Couple money checklist

It’s time to get on the same page with your money. Literally.

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Spending Tracker

If tightening your purse strings and saving money is part of your financial strategy, I recommend you track your spending. You can’t save money if you don’t know where your money is going, right? 

Budget Template

We finally have a monthly budget template that works for our budget management goals. It’s not fancy. It’s simple. If you want to take control of your finances, using a budget template is an easy way to make this happen.

10 Minute Payday Checklist

If payday rolls around and you haven’t made a budget but you have filled your Amazon cart – we need to talk. Making a budget is intimidating, so I am breaking it down into a 10-minute payday checklist. If you complete this list every time you get paid, then you’ll get your money right so you can press purchase instead of ghost shopping.

Costco Shopping List

Costco is incredible. We have a Costco membership and I have been told this is what makes you a “real” adult.  Ha! Read this post and download our free Costco shopping list. 

Travel Light Packing List

I regularly travel outside of the country.  Both my partner and I are total converts to one bag travel. Packing light in a carry on can actually be easy and can work for even your longest trips. 


Products and Services We Recommend

You will find both affiliate and referral links below. 

The Best Money Management APP

Personal Capital is our favorite app for monitoring our net worth. This is an app that is accessible, easy to use, and will help you visualize your financial strategy. 

Book an affordable getaway

AirBnB is what we use for travel on the cheap. It allows us to find places to stay while still living on a budget. We even lived in AirBnB’s for 3 months in between housing. If you use our link to create a new account you can get $55 off your next stay. 

Find a Pet Sitter in Your Budget

I whole heartedly believe in travel. This means we sometimes need to leave our fur babies at home  Since we moved to a new state and can’t have our family watch our babies, we rely on the Rover app for our pet sitting needs.  

Launch Your Side Hustle Course

Daniella from I Like to Dabble will teach you how to launch your side hustle make your first $1k. She covers the important stuff like how to legally cover it, what to avoid, taxes, and more! You can use the affiliate link to the left to check out the course and enroll. 

Scale Your hustle with templates

My friend Melody at The Course Consultant made the ultimate template pack for everyone who has a small business or side hustle. From a sales webinar presentation to a podcast pitch deck and everything in between, this is a profitable presentation pack that will save you time and help scale your income streams. 

Hit Publish Course

Ashley Barnett, the creator of Hit Publish has over 16 years of experience writing and editing. In this course she will teach you how to create high quality engaging articles that people actually want to read. You can use the affiliate link to the left to check out the course and enroll. 

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